Super living at araville.

The foothills have a way of drawing life in, ever since mankind can remember. A life that’s not ordinary but, a super life. A life of utter luxury among the towering hillocks. A lifestyle that matches perfectly with the whistling winds that hit the mountain face and soothe the air. An extraordinary living experience, much like a clutch of balmy clouds cascading down with the downpour.

Welcome to life at the Aravallis, one of India's oldest mountain ranges that's home to nature in its entire splendor; green, wild, uninhibited, soothing to the eyes and serene to the senses. Not surprisingly, for urban dwellers, who look for an escape into the greens, the Aravallis is a perfect getaway. And that getaway becomes even more special when it offers you the best amenities that mankind has envisaged. A life that’s above the quotidian ways. Or in other words, Super Living at Araville!

Super greens.

With 10 acres of premium living on the lap of Aravallis, green now means home to you.
Araville, nestled next to the Aravallis in Sector 79 Gurgaon, is an ode to the mountain range and its lush glory. It is a concept that brings together the best of urban living with the joys of Nature. In fact, it's so close to the greens, that 'home' gets a whole new definition here. Much more than just concrete created from cold blue-prints, it alludes to the vibrancy and character of the greens.

A 10-acre premium residential development, Araville offers a range of 2/3/4 BHK apartments spread across green open environs. It overlooks the ancient mountain range facing a green belt that ensures unobstructed views for a lifetime.

Large canopies of deciduous greens top the Aravalli range, which play a vital role in balancing the bio-diversity and climate of the region.

Super beauty.

With lifelong views of the lush green Aravallis, unrivalled beauty is now within an arm’s reach.

At Araville, you are never away from the greens.

Overlooking the green belt, life here is an amalgam of the many hues of the mountains. From sun-kissed mornings to the ochre rays of the setting sun, every day here is a visual delight. Wake up to thousands of exotic species of flora and fauna. Feast your senses with an undisturbed panoramic view of the undulating green belt. Lose yourself amidst landscaped gardens, man-made waterfalls and the tranquil beauty of the world's oldest mountain range.

The song of the red-whiskered bulbul, commonly heard in the Aravallis, is said to be a harbinger of peace and prosperity.

Super spaces.

With exquisite living options inspired from Nature, verdant spaces are now a part of life.
Araville houses premium 2/3/4 BHK apartments that set new benchmarks in finesse and functionality. Inspired from the verdant environs, each apartment is a sensible play of space to leverage the beauty of the Aravallis. Wide-open windows, thoughtful architecture, feature-rich interiors and amenities make room for homes that are beautiful, practical and nature-friendly.

Growing wild in the folds of thick forests, over 70 different species of orchids can be found in the Aravallis, each with their own potent symbolism.

DGTCP Haryana has granted license No. 37 of 2011 dated 26/04/2011 to M/S Tirupati Buildplaza Private Limited (A GPL Group Company) for development of Group Housing Project on 10.0 Acres land falling in sector 79, Gurgaon. The building plans have been approved vide memo no. ZP-794/JD(BS)/2012/8000 dated 10-05-2012 Number of Flats 518, EWS 92. There is a provision of nursery school, community center, shopping area.

Note- Approvals can be seen in the office of the developer. This is a Joint Venture of GPL Group and Supertech Ltd.